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Exhibition fittings, innovation and design for the installation of exhibition stands.

Xilografia meets the demands of visibility of any brand depending on the booth area and on the targets to reach. Custom-made stands where the star is the product.

The Art of being cutting-edge

Forms and materials, the art of the exhibition fittings

Always researching new forms, materials and colours, Xilografia uses its technical expertise to build-up innovative exhibition stands, being a strategic partner for demanding Clients who want to display their cutting-edge products.
From steel to wood, from matt to polish colours, the care of the details and the search for excellence are necessary elements to make a stand an extraordinary exhibition fitting.



Xilografia stands out for the care of the details and for the quality of the finishings.


The engineering department of Xilografia consists of skilled architects and designers creating concepts, researching new materials and using the most cutting-edge techniques.


Thanks to the long-established experience and to its team of skilled professionals, Xilografia is able to meet the Client’s demands with competence and efficiency.

Exhibition fittings, a new idea of exhibition stands

Starting from the Customer’s project, in compliance with the budget, timing and specific needs, Xilografiarecommends the best solution by developing an executive project embracing the Customer’s requests, managing to give real life to the project idea. The experience of the technical department, the use of state-of-the art machinery  in the realization of the project and the respect of the  rules of art are at the base of the entire process.

Case History

An evidence of the success of Xilografia are the important Italian and international brands who choose us for the design and construction of their exhibition stands.
Xilografia is reference point for international brands thanks to long-lasting cooperation with Italian and international partners. Our stands are the result of the synergy among creativity, innovation and technology.
A case history of our stands is following.


13 May 2024


30 April 2024

Studio Row

27 June 2023

Abet Laminati

28 April 2023

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Innovative and quality exhibition stands.

Excellent work! I really appreciated your work and enthusiasm!!

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