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Showroom fittings,
custom-made projects

Xilografia designs and supplies furniture for showrooms through a personalized and careful project complying with the visibility demands and the functional targets of the Client.

Custom-made fittings

Furniture for showrooms, The experience in furnishing

The interior design signed by Xilografia responds to the demand of great attention to communication. Interiors are places where the philosophy and spirit of the product reflects in the location. The customer in the location space becomes part of the space. Professionalism deriving from the artisanal origins of Xilografia: from the pure woodcraft to the concept of the most refined and custom-made furniture.

Arredo su misura

We enhance the value of locations, we customize solutions!

Xilografia is able to enhance the value of locations by creating an emotional exhibition space in which the Customer is the center of this experience. Xilografia combines its artistic and creative skills and its design skills. A case history of our showrooms is following.

Case History

Xilografia enhances the value of the Client’s products studying how to display them in the best way and always ensuring a quality finishing. The in-house production ensure the customization of the furniture while giving a special care to the functional and aesthetic details. A case history of our showrooms is following.


20 September 2018


28 February 2018

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Functional and high visual impact

Quello dell’architetto è un mestiere antico come cacciare, pescare, coltivare ed esplorare. Dopo la ricerca del cibo viene la ricerca della dimora. Ad un certo punto, l’uomo, insoddisfatto dei rifugi offerti dalla natura, è diventato architetto.

Renzo Piano