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Furnishings for shops, the protagonist is the product.

In its furniture for shops, Xilografia pays the greatest attention to the Client’s products. Thanks to the balancing of lights and colours, shades and movement, the product is the star.

Uniqueness of the visual experience

Shop furnishing, attention to details.

Xilografia provides a  personalized service of shop furnishing  where all the furniture can be custom-made. The engineering and creative departments can deliver ad-hoc solutions meeting any request from the most demanding architects and brands. Xilografia supplies custom-made furniture for shops in line with the features of every product and complying with the corporate identity of every brand.

Arredo su misura

Xilografia creates custom-made furniture for shops exalting the force of the brand.

Xilografia is not only a partner able to manufacture custom-made products. It is also able to develop the concept. Thanks to its expertise in interior design, Xilografia can be the main contractor working in synergy with our partners and coordinating the general schedule. Besides its skills in shop furnishing, Xilografia offers a coordination service in order to deliver the project within deadline.

Case History

Xilografia stands out for the quality of its finishing and for the attention to detail, enhancing the Client’s product with originality, effectiveness and creativity. Every project is unique in his exclusiveness and excellence. A case history of our shops is following.

Armani A|X Milano

10 January 2023

Armani A|X Rome

13 January 2021

Emporio Armani EA7

12 January 2021


30 May 2019

The Product

The main character of the shop fittings

When fitting a shop, it is necessary to select the right colour and materials to enhance the products on display, optimizing the use of spaces and using the right communication style. The lighting is also very important for a customer experience in line with the brand identity and for making the product the real protagonist of the space. The concept of the shop made by Xilografia favors the direct interaction between Client and brand, where the exhibition space and the fruition time blend together and the Customer becomes the protagonist of the space together with the product on sale.

Contatta xilografia

Showroom fittings, custom-made projects

Il nostro compito è quello di dare al cliente non quello che voleva ma quello che non aveva mai sognato

Denys Ladsun