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Xilografia, leader in the production and installation of exhibition fittings and custom-made furniture.

“Only a team aware of the importance of the attention to every detail can achieve the greatest results. Such awareness is part of us.”

Mr. Renato Manzoni

(Head of Project Management and Technical Department)

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Responsible management solutions: our FSC® certification.

Xilografia has obtained FSC® certification (ICILA-COC-004509) in compliance with FSC-STD-40-004 v3.1 standards, which ensures transparent and proper sourcing of wood used in the construction of certified products, from well-managed forests and other controlled sources.

Xilografia expands its offer with the Certified Products FSC® if the customer requires it.


A qualified engineering department

The first step of the project consists in the engineering of the general plan; this means to make an architectural plan and change it into a production drawing implemented by the Engineering department of Xilografia. The Project Manager, generally an architect or engineer, has a key-role in this process. He/She is in charge of the approval of the production drawings to make sure that they comply with the Client’s requests. To further check the reliability of the results, Xilografia uses 3D simulation software to test the prototypes of the project.
Then the production, the second step of the project management, can start.


In-house production: our added value

The second step of the project management is the production that can start only when the production drawing is ready and approved. In its workshop based in Bistagno, Xilografia uses CNC machines and traditional machines for wood and steel work, tested systems conceived to comply with the highest standards and with the environmental and safety regulations. The integration between computer and CAD file allows a faster and more effective management of the whole production process. The production department includes also large painting pressurized cabins and drying cabins for the treatment and the painting of special pieces requested by our Client.

Storage of materials

A sole Partner : an all-in service

Xilografia is the Client’s sole Partner because it can offer all the necessary support in every step of the project. Besides the project management and the installation, Xilografia offers a storage service of the materials, having at disposal more than 11.000 sqm. of well-organized warehouse spaces. The materials are stocked and arranged with care to be always at the Client’s disposal.


Logistics: The art of organisation

Xilografia manages the logistics in an effective and efficient way thanks to a qualified work method and to a storage system handled by a software, especially developed in-house. Xilografia handles the selection of the materials and accurately plans every single load to optimize the quantity of trucks and to meet the delivery deadline.