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The new brand Xilo Edizioni was born from the intention to capitalize on the long experience gained by the company in the creation of custom-made furniture. Each project is developed together with the designers and industrialized for mass production, while maintaining a high degree of customization in dimensions and finishes. This gave birth to a first collection of furniture, an expression of quality of materials, attention to detail and the ability to produce innovative solutions to transform the visions of architects and designers into new and refined products.


Armadio/seduta d’alta quota



(Luca Magistrali, Alberto Massara, Marco Merafina, Alice Platania, Giacomo Quinland)


A new piece of furniture capable of revolutionizing the use of space, combining the function of a wardrobe with a relaxation / work station at height. In this sense, design becomes the enabler of a unique experience, capable of raising people’s point of view and radically changing their perception of space.


Ph: Max Rommel


Storage System d’altura


Design Paolo Stefano Gentile


The Pole storage system uses the height of the spaces and the fixing system between the floor and the ceiling to create a useful piece of furniture. The central supporting pole is a coat hanger while the raised volume is a large storage space. The latter, thanks to the mirror finish, dematerializes, merging with the surrounding environment. With its extreme versatility, Pole is able to be adapted to ceilings with a height from 2.70 to 3.10 meters.


Ph: Max Rommel


Minima workstation da parete


Design Matteo Ragni


The growing need for workspaces at home prompted the design of this agile domestic workstation. Conceived as a wall painting, it consists of a frame and a folding panel with customizable graphics. When not in use, it acts as a useful container for business documents, while when open it offers a comfortable support surface for a PC. Thanks to its reduced depth it can also be positioned in passage spaces such as entrances or corridors. Xilo Station is also a useful support for workers passing by offices or a temporary support surface in hotel rooms where spaces are reduced and furnishings more and more essential.


Ph: Max Rommel

Melting Top:

a seating experience

Xilografia è orgogliosa di presentare il prototipo della seduta Melting Top, interamente ingegnerizzata e prodotta in occasione di HOMI 2019. Disegnata da Elisa De Berti, il progetto è risultato vincitore del concorso Design Competition Expo Dubai 2020 – Design for Human Connection.

Scopri di più

Xilografia promotes the search for new products to be included in the new Xilo Edizioni division. The company is glad to evaluate proposals from designers for the exclusive creation of customized products or small series.