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Decades of experience in the exhibition fittings

Solidity and tradition since 1936

Born in the 30’s as Xilografia Milanese and based in the Morivione district of Milan, in 1981 the Company becomes Xilografia Nuova reinforcing its resources and making new investments to improve its productivity.
In 1996 Xilografia enlarges its headquarters in Milan and founds a new workshop in Bistagno, near Alessandria, in response to the growing demands of its Clients.
Xilografia soon becomes a benchmark in its field thanks to its desire of innovation and to the awareness of its creative force.


Xilografia invests in its Team hiring highly qualified and skilled staff. Its engineers, architects, designers and draftsmen make Xilografia a qualified company in the field of the exhibition fittings.
The professionalism of its team is the key to the success of every installation.
The Client is supported in every step of the project thanks to a synergy able to respond to any demand and to fulfill even the hardest challenges.


We make the extraordinary happen.

Through the analysis of our Client’s project and the accurate study of technical and creative solutions, Xilografia creates an extraordinary reality, reaching the excellence in any fittings for stands, events and in any exhibition space.

Edoardo Brambilla

Managing Director

Gianluca Sartorio

Managing Director

Annalisa Fiandesio

Business Development Manager

Renato Manzoni

Head of Project Management & Engineering dept.

Andrea Giust

Senior Project Manager

Paolo Cherasco

Project Manager & Procurement Office

Dario Palumeri

Project Manager

Paolo Benelli

Site Supervisor

Maria Tonello

Art Director

Silvia Giannese

Commercial Supervisor

Matilde Demma

Commercial Assistant

Daniele Belli

Engineering Dept.

Maurizio Cagno

Production Coordinator

Enrico Dell'Orto

Production Director

Franco Casiddu

Production Programmer

Nicola Catizzone

Electrical Equipment Engineer

Paolo Arosio

Engineering Dept. Supervisor

Luca Sartorelli

Engineering Dept.

Luca Russo

Engineering Dept.

Riccardo Da Col

Engineering Dept.