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Fittings for museums, art-galleries, expositions

When the location is itself an artwork, it deserves nothing but respect. The museum fitting demands a different approach; the key words for an exceptional service are care and sensibility.

We exalt the exposition space

Museum fittings, for cutting-edge Exhibitions

A Museum is a suggestive place where visitors immerge into history and contemplate the beauty of the spaces. This kind of location is not easy to fit-out because a museum has specific requirements in terms of display conditions because the exhibits could be particularly sensitive to temperature, light or air. Xilografia makes its expertise available for museum fittings, art-galleries and expositions. In this field more than in any others, it is necessary a great experience and professionalism, which are values that Xilografia offers to the Client, to deliver a careful and precise service.

Furniture for museums, the professionals of the installations

The expertise of Xilografia in using innovative materials starts from the detailed knowledge of the exhibition spaces and of the exhibits to offer a project and construction service for museum fittings with a high visual impact. The wide experience in project and design allows Xilografia to offer innovative solutions also for museums and art-galleries.

Case History

Xilografia offers its services for museum fittings in Italy and worldwide, always ensuring professionalism and experience. Planning and scheduling are the main values at the base of the Xilografia Corporate philosophy for Museum installations. A case history of our museum installations is following.

Musée du Luxembourg_Paris_Match

9 July 2024

Château de Compiègne

19 March 2024


12 March 2024

Museum of Science and Technology Milan

14 February 2024

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Fittings for temporary and permanent exhibitions

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