The magic of a unique event: Citizen.

We like to challenge ourselves to increase our expertise, to stare at the results we reach. We showed our expertise and knowledge working together with Japanese Clients, creating complex projects as the ones proposed by Citizen.

Precious Events

Xilografia proudly took part as essential gear of the machine, in the set up of a couple of installations in Milan during the Fuori Salone.

A spectacular event: “Time is time” at Fuori Salone di Milano

In the heart of the city, Xilografia took part in the realization of a “museum”, in a surreal atmosphere where the time seemed to be frozen. “Time is time” has been one of the most visited and popular events of the Fuori Salone and got the attention of public and media.

 “Light is Time”, Citizen’s event at Fuori Salone di Milano.

We proudly worked at the “Light is time” installation, Italian debut for Citizen at Fuori Salone.

Thousands clock’s metal pieces have been hung and enlightened at the Triennale  Museum, creating a bright evocative atmosphere embracing  time and light into one reality. The project won the “Best Sound” and the “Best Entertaining” categories of the Milan Design Award, thanks to the unique and emotional environment created.