Musée du
Saline Royale

An ancient salt factory turned into a Museum.


An ancient salt factory, commissioned by King Louis XIV and built between 1775 and 1779, has been restored and preserved as a rare example of industrial architecture and a testament to the genius of Claude-Nicolas Ledoux and his vision of an “enlightened ideal city.” Today, this historic complex has become a museum that narrates the history of salt production and the daily life of that era. Located in Burgundy, this site has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1982, making it a unique place where architectural beauty blends with precious historical memory.

Centre Lumières


This new space within the museum utilizes 3D technology to offer visitors an engaging and immersive experience, allowing them to discover extraordinary places like never before. Each 8-minute film showcases a different UNESCO site, enabling visitors to virtually travel to distant and fascinating locations. To complement the experience, there is an interactive globe and a dedicated pavilion showcasing intangible heritage through 360-degree videos.