The Hermitage Museum


Exhibition presents the Masterpieces of the Hermitage Museum and the historic Cartier collection

Xilografia at the Hermitage

Xilografia had the pleasure to set up an exhibition for the prestigious Maison Cartier.
The exhibition dedicated to the joint restoration between the State Hermitage and Maison Cartier, tells about the importance of the preservation of the jeweller’s craft and heritage for future generations.

“Cartier: Passing on Heritage and Savoir-Faire. Masterpieces from the Hermitage Museum and Cartier Collection”

The exhibition in the Hermitage’s Picket Hall is constructed around five restored masterpieces which are being displayed together with 35 items from the historical Cartier Collection, owned by the firm itself – pieces of jewellery and timepieces that have been selected on the basis of a shared material, style or technique.

FOTO © Cartier