Genesis Motor Europe

New ‘Sound of Serenity’ experience at Battersea Power Station.

Icon of innovation

and power technology.

We present our recent installation for Genesis Motor UK at the monumental Battersea Power Station in London, now converted into one of the most important shopping centres in London and reopened to the public last October.

The pop-up experience “Sound of Serenity” of Genesis offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves both physically and digitally in this new sound experience that pays homage to the legacy of the Power Station, many years ago the primary source of electricity for London, now icon of innovation and power technology.

Battersea Power Station, London

Located in the middle of the pop-up there is a visual led glass cube suspended from the ceiling which draws inspiration from the low “hum” noise the Battersea Power Station’s working turbines once produced.
Visitors, interacting with a touchscreen, can change the colour displayed in the cube as well as experiencing how white noise can counteract high pitch frequencies that make a busy environment feel serene.

Photo © Jordan Bastoni