Musée du


Set up of an a new exhibition at the Lens Museum.


The museum houses works from the Louvre Museum in Paris and temporary exhibitions. It is located in a very contemporary building that is located in the middle of a landscape park of 20 hectares, on a surface of 28,000 m², of which 7000 are dedicated to exhibitions.

“Animaux Fantastiques


The exhibition, rich in nearly 250 works—sculpture, painting, art objects, as well as cinema and music—from antiquity to the present day, offers a journey through time and space to narrate the history of the most famous of these animals through their legends, powers, and habitats.

Foto: ©Louvre-Lens_E Watteau

“Champollion: La voie des Hiéroglyphes


This great retrospective «Champollion: the street of hieroglyphs» presents over 350 works that tell the story of Champollion and the cultural, archaeological and political context that allowed him to decipher the hieroglyphs: one of the most fascinating phenomena of Egyptian civilization. Hieroglyphic writing, defined by the Egyptians themselves as «divine word», has been declined on all supports, from stone to metal, in both religious and administrative or funerary contexts. The exhibition pays tribute to their decipherer and first curator of the Louvre Egyptian Museum, Jean-François Champollion.



A full immersion into the Ancient Greece atmosphere, between heroes and legends.
A path created by around 250 pieces, from paintings and relics of the Ancient Greece, to the paintings of Rubens, Antoine Watteau, Gustave Moreau, André Derain, Marc Chagall and Cy Twombly.