Main character: Contemporary Design

Xilografia works together with Studio Nendo since a long time: one of the most original brand in the whole contemporary design industry

International installations and events

Every year Xilografia is selected as Partner and main contractor for the management and construction of installations during the Milan Design Week.

Breeze of light

In the vibrating heart of Fuorisalone, in Via Vigevano 18, Xilografia has realized for Nendo an installation and at the same time an event, a graceful moment, a real sensory experience.
The set up means to “visualize” the air, essential and invisible element. Walking across a blooming “virtual” field, it seems to be caressed by a light breeze, thanks to a 17.000 flower-shape polarized film, illuminated by the dynamic light of 115 spotlights

Design Week.


The Milan Design Week gave us the opportunity to be in charge of one of the most visited installations at the Superstudio where our team was able to set-up a suggestive space enhancing the beauty of the exhibits.

Invisible Outlines

In an elegant location near the Sforzesco Castle , “ Invisible Outlines” was one of the most suggestive installations of the Milan Design Week. The expertise of Xilografia transformed the abstract lines and shapes of the project into an evocative installation. The structures made by Xilografia enhanced the personality of Nendo’s exhibits and created a unique space to experience them.

50 Manga Chairs

Xilografia could bring the culture of the Japanese Manga inside the Chiostro Minore di San Simpliciano in the Brera district. We were in charge of a remarkable installation where 50 chairs designed by Nendo told their story in a medieval setting.